Current Schrole Connect  Vacancies

Find your next job teaching overseas. Search these vacancies at international schools currently recruiting on Schrole Connect. 

Early Childhood Teacher, Dubai

College Counselor, Myanmar

High School Spanish Teacher, Dubai

IBDP Physics with IBMYP Science, Singapore

Primary Chinese Teaching Assistant, Hong Kong

High School Science Teacher, China

Early Childhood Learning Support and EAL, Bangkok

High School Learning Support, Belgium

High School Maths Teacher, China

DP English Teacher, Guangzhou

Secondary Geography Teacher, Nice

Science Physics High School Teacher, Cambodia

Middle School Spanish Teacher, Peru

Early Childhood Homeroom Teacher, Bangkok

Early Years Homeroom Teacher, China

Early Childhood Pre School Teacher, Malaysia

Support – English as a Second Language (High School), Malaysia

Summer Camp Teacher, China

Chinese Elementary Teacher, China

Principal Elementary School, Myanmar

Mathematics High School Teacher, China

Early Childhood Kindergarten, Cambodia

High School Librarian, Cambodia

Middle School English Teacher, China

Primary English Teacher, China

Generalist 1 – 3 Elementary School, Cambodia

Performing Arts Drama Teacher, Cambodia

Performing Arts Middle School Music Teacher, Cambodia

Generalist 4 – 6 (Elementary School), Shenzhen

Annual Substitute High School Teacher, Bangkok

Information Technology – ICT, Cambodia

IT Database Manager, Switzerland

Part Time Local HS Business Classes, Dominican Republic

Experienced Librarian, France

Human Resource Manager, China

DP History Teacher, China

MYP ESL Teacher, China

DP Economics Teacher, China

PYP ESL Teacher, China

High School DP Chemistry Teacher, China

Kindergarten PYP Homeroom Teacher, China

Primary School PYP English Teacher, China

Mathmatics Teacher, China

Kindergarten PYP Homeroom Teacher, China

Junior High Teacher of Global Perspectives, China

Head of School, Changchun

Secondary School, Changchun

Secondary Physics Teacher, Beijing

College Counselor, South Korea

HS English, South Korea

HS Math, South Korea

Health and Physical Education Teacher, Beijing

English as a Second Language Teacher (GK – G2), Beijing

G4 Homeroom Teacher, Beijing

G2 Homeroom Teacher, Beijing

Assistant Principal – Responsible for Pastoral Care and Behaviour, Beijing

Secondary School Business Studies Teacher, Changchun

Secondary School Media Art Teacher, Changchun

Primary German A Teacher, Changchun

Multi-Media Teacher, Macau

Boarding Assistants and Boarding Specialists, Jeju South Korea

String / Orchestra Teacher, Jeju South Korea

Substitute Teacher, Jeju South Korea

Admissions Personnel, Beijing

ESL Teacher, Guangzhou

English Language Learner Specialist, Hanoi

Lower Elementary School Teacher, Lima –  Local Hire

EC Teacher, Lima –  Local Hire

Elementary Spanish Teacher, Lima – Local Hire

Teacher Assistant, Lima –  Local Hire

English Teaching Fellow, Hong Kong

Primary Chinese Curriculum Assistant, Hong Kong

Library / Media, Beijing

General Science, Beijing

Admin Principal Primary / Elementary, Beijing

School Psychologist, Beijing

Economics, Beijing

Physical Education, Beijing

Elementary 4 – 6, Beijing

IB DP Business Studies Teacher, Changchun

Librarian, Beijing

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