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Individuals & Societies (MYP) DP History, Geography or Economics Teacher, Dubai

Upper Elementary Teacher, Dubai

Part Time Teacher of Japanese, Bangkok

Primary ICT / Resource Assistant, Hong Kong

Chinese Teaching Assistant, Hong Kong

Year 2 Chinese Mandarin Teacher, Hong Kong

Native English Teaching Assistant, Hong Kong

Upper Elementary Year 4-6 Homeroom Teacher, Bangkok

Chinese Teacher of Hangzhou CIS (Grade 10), Hong Kong

Lower Elementary Teacher, Dubai

IB MYP Coordinator, Beijing

G1-G4 Homeroom- Dongrun Campus, Beijing

Head of School, Changchu

Secondary School, Changchu

Full Time Supply Teachers, Hong Kong

Technology Director, Doha

Teacher of Japanese, Singapore

Teacher of Religious Education, Singapore

Secondary Physics Teacher, Beijing

College Counselor, South Korea

HS English, South Korea

HS Math, South Korea

MYP Mathematics / MYP Science, Malaysia

Functional Academic and Life Skills Teacher, Belgium

IT Manager, Beijing

Second MYP / DP Chinese Teacher, Hong Kong

Primary Chinese (Mandarin) Homeroom Teacher, Hong Kong

Music Teacher, Beijing

Information System Administrator, Shanghai

Learning Support Teacher Grade 1, Belgium

Upper Elementary Homeroom Teacher, Doha

Early Years / Year 1 Position, Bangkok

ISL is seeking a Teacher of MYP Humanities and DP Economics, Switzerland

Year 1 Class Teacher, Bangkok

Teacher / Librarian Elementary School – SHUNYI CAMPUS, Beijing

Middle School Generalist – SHUNYI CAMPUS, Beijing

Upper Kindergarten Teacher – SHUNYI CAMPUS, Beijing

Primary Generalist – SHUNYI CAMPUS, Beijing

Teacher Assistant, Lima (Local Hire)

MYP Humanities and DP Economics, Lausanne

Middle School Generalist, Beijing

Elementary School Teacher / Librarian, Beijing

Early Years /  Year 1 Teacher, Bangkok

Primary Generalist, Beijing

Upper Kindergarten Teacher, Beijing

Year 1 Class Teacher, Bangkok

A-Level Music Teacher, Wuhan

A-Level Physics Teacher, Wuhan

A-Level Biology Teacher, Wuhan

A-Level Maths / Further Maths Teacher, Wuhan

A-Level ICT / Computer Science Teacher, Wuhan

A-Level Chemistry Teacher, Wuhan

A-Level Art and Design Teacher, Wuhan

A-Level Ecomonics and Business Studies Teacher, Wuhan

Primary Teacher, Zanzibar

SEN / EAL Teacher, Guangzhou

High School English Teacher, Guangzhou

Health and Physical Education Teacher, Beijing

English as a Second Language Teacher (GK – G2), Beijing

G4 Homeroom Teacher, Beijing

Learning Support Teacher, Beijing

G2 Homeroom Teacher, Beijing

Assistant Principal – Responsible for Pastoral Care and Behaviour, Beijing

Secondary School Business Studies Teacher, Changchun

Secondary School Media Art Teacher, Changchun

Primary German A Teacher, Changchun

Middle School PE Teacher, Shanghai

High School Maths Teacher, Shanghai

University and Careers Counsellor, Shanghai

Primary School English Teacher, Shanghai

High School English Teacher, Shanghai

German Mother Tongue Teacher IB PYP, Vientiane

Physical Education Teacher MYP, Vientiane

Early Years PYP Teacher, Vientiane

A- Level Math Teacher, Guangzhou

A-Level English Teacher, Guangzhou

Early Childhood Kindergarten Teacher, Macau

Multi-Media Teacher, Macau

ELL Coordinator, Macau

Learning Support Teacher, Macau

Kindergarten ELL, Macau

High School Learning Support Teacher, Macau

High School Spanish Teacher  – Dubai (Part Time)

PE Teacher, Bangkok

Secondary Music Teacher, Dubai

IB PYP Performing Arts – Music, Dubai

IB DP Head of Science , Dubai

MYP  Mathematics Teacher, Abu Dhabi

MYP / DP Physics Teacher, Dubai

Assistant Head of Elementary, Dubai

Head of Learning Support, Dubai

Elementary Teacher, Dubai

MYP Science Teacher, Abu Dhabi

PYP / MYP Dance & Drama Teacher, Doha – Startup School

PYP / Elementary Teacher (Grades 4 – 6), Doha –  Startup School

Arabic Teacher, Doha – Startup School

PYP / Early Childhood Pre Primary, Doha – Startup School

PYP Physical Education, Doha – Startup School

MYP Physical Education , Doha –  Startup School

French Teacher, Doha – Startup School

PYP / Elementary (Grades 1 – 3), Doha –  Startup School

Elementary Homeroom Teacher, Tokyo

Pre Kindergarten / Kindergarten Teacher, Shenyang

Swimming Coach, Shenzhen

MYP Physics Teacher, Shenzhen

MYP Science Teacher, Shenzhen

PYP Health and Physical Education Teacher, Shenzhen

Chinese Language Teacher, Shenzhen

EAL Primary Teacher, Shenzhen

Early Childhood Kindergarten, Shenzhen

MYP / DP English Language Teacher, Shenzhen

Elementary Grades 1 – 3,  Central Java

Deputy Head of School, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

SEN Coordinator, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

PYP Elementary Visual Arts Teacher, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Head of Secondary School, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

IB /  A-Level Chemistry, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

PYP Teacher (Grades 4 – 6), Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

PYP Physical Education Teacher (Part Time), Nanjing

Middle / High  School Maths Teacher, Nanjing

Grade Four Boys Art Teacher, Saudi Arabia

Grade Four Boys PYP Drama Teacher, Riyadh

Grade 4 Boys Librarian, Riyadh

Grade Four Boys PE Teacher, Riyadh

Arabic Language Teacher, Riyadh

Grade Four Boys PYP English Teacher, Riyadh

Grade Four Boys Homeroom Teacher, Riyadh

Primary Principal, Riyadh

Adult Language English Teacher, Riyadh

Homeroom Teacher (Female), Riyadh

Boarding Assistants and Boarding Specialists, Jeju South Korea

String / Orchestra Teacher, Jeju South Korea

Substitute Teacher, Jeju South Korea

Mathematics Teacher – Middle School, Beijing

English Language Arts – Middle School, Beijing

Kindergarten Classroom Teacher, Beijing

Early Childhood Pre School Teacher, Beijing

Homeroom, Kuwait

PYP Homeroom Teacher, Kuwait

School Counselor, Kuwait

IB PYP Head of School, Kuwait

PYP Foreign Language French Teacher (Part-time), Phnom Penh

MYP / DP Maths Teacher, Ulaanbaatar

Upper School EAL / Academic Writing Teacher – Part-time, Prague

Upper School Physical Education Teacher, Prague

Primary School Librarian / Technology Integrationist Teacher, Switzerland

MYP Science or DP Chemistry, Lausanne

MYP Humanities or DP Economics (Part Time), Lausanne

MYP, DP Music Teacher (Part Time), Lausanne

MYP Science or DP Biology (Part Time), Lausanne

Learning Support and Speach Language Therapy Interns, Brussels

Library and Digital Media Specialist, Brussels

Intensive Learning Support Teacher, Brussels

Early Childhood Kindergarten Teacher, Dhaka

Generalist 1 – 3 Teacher – Elementary, Dhaka

High School Librarian, Zurich

Art Teacher – Elementary School, Beijing

Admissions Personnel, Beijing

Marketing Manager, Beijing

Art Teacher – Middle School, Beijing

Learning Support – Middle School, Beijing

Performing Arts Drama Teacher – Kindergarten, Beijing

Librarian Support – Middle School, Beijing

Physical Education – Middle School, Beijing

English Language Acquisition – Middle High, Beijing

Mathematics – Middle High, Beijing

IT – Middle School, Beijing

IT / Innovation Coach –  Elementary, Beijing

Health and Physical Education – Elementary , Beijing

Individuals and Societies – Middle School, Beijing

EAL Support  – Middle School , Beijing

EAL Support – Elementary, Beijing

Performing Arts, Beijing

School Counselor, Beijing

IT / Online Learning, Beijing

Performing Arts Music Teacher, Beijing

Middle High English Teacher, Beijing

Homeroom Teacher Grade 1 – 5, Beijing

MYP Learning Support Teacher, Kuala Lumpur

Kinderdarten English Teacher, Singapore

PYP Art Teacher, Guangzhou

PYP Upper Primary Teacher, Guangzhou

DP English Teacher, Guangzhou

ESL Teacher, Guangzhou

High School History Teacher, Guangzhou

Theory of Knowledge, Guangdong

Middle School ESL Teacher, Guangdong

High School Geography Teacher, Guangdong

Elementary English Teacher, Guangdong

Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher, Guangdong

Learning Support Coordinator – High School, Copenhagen

English Language Learner Specialist, Hanoi

Lower Elementary School Teacher, Lima –  Local Hire

EC Teacher, Lima –  Local Hire

Elementary Spanish Teacher, Lima – Local Hire

Teacher Assistant, Lima –  Local Hire

Primary ICT / Resource Assistant, Hong Kong

Mathematics Teaching Fellow, Hong Kong

English Teaching Fellow, Hong Kong

Primary Chinese Curriculum Assistant, Hong Kong

Primary English Classroom Teacher, Hong Kong

IGCSE Biology Teacher, Bangkok

Special Needs / Learning Centre Supervisor, Bangkok

IGCSE Chemistry Teacher, Bangkok

IGSE Secondary English and Drama Teacher, Bangkok

Secondary Counselor and Learning Enhancement, Hong Kong

PYP IT Teacher, Changchun

MYP German Language Teacher, Changchun

PYP German Teacher, Changchun

Middle School Special Needs Teacher, Changchun

PYP Homeroom Teacher, Changchun

Middle School Technology Teacher, Dubai

Elementary 1 – 3, Beijing

Library / Media, Beijing

General Science, Beijing

Admin Principal Primary / Elementary, Beijing

School Psychologist, Beijing

Economics, Beijing

Physical Education, Beijing

Elementary 4 – 6, Beijing

EAL, Beijing

Physical Health Education Teacher, Beijing

Design and Technology, Beijing

Middle School Physical Education, Beijing

Science IB MYP / DP, Beijing

IB DP Business Studies Teacher, Changchun

Librarian, Beijing

Art Teacher, Kunming, China

Learning Support / Special Educational Needs – Head of Department, Beijing

Art Teacher, Beijing

Mathematics High School Teacher, Beijing

Early Childhood Kindergardten Teacher, Beijing

Middle and High School Maths Teacher, Beijing

EAL Teacher (GK-G2) UES, Beijing

Preschool Instructor for Mixed Ages (3-6), Mandalay, Myanmar

High School Principal, Mandalay, Myanmar

English Instructor, Mandalay, Myanmar

Elementary Instructor Grades 1 – 5, Mandalay, Myanmar

Social Studies, Mandalay, Myanmar

Curriculum Coordinator, Mandalay, Myanmar

Head of English Department, Bangkok

Careers Counsellor, Antwerp

Kindergarten English Teacher, Bangkok

Primary Science Teacher, Bangkok

Elementary Teacher, Riyadh

Head of English, Guangzhou

IB DP Biology Teacher, Guangzhou

IB DP Chemistry, Guangzhou

IB Mathematics Higher Level, Guangzhou

Generalist 1 – 3, Beijing

Early Childhood Kindergarten, Beijing

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