Frequently asked questions 

Please have a look through our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer here, please use the form below to contact our friendly support staff.

Getting started

How do I edit my profile or add references?

Click here to login. This will either take you back to the stage you are at with your registration process or onto your candidate dashboard.  Click on ‘Profile’ to edit your profile and add more referees.

I want to edit my cover letter.

You can edit you letter from your dashboard under the applications tab.  You can only do this when your profile is complete.

I want to add my educational philosophy or other document. How do I do that?

In your profile there is a tab called Extra Information & Documents.  You can add as many documents as you like here.

I logged into my account to make some changes to my profile and got a message stating 'Not logged in as a Candidate'.

Just refresh your browser and login again.  This should solve that issue.  If it doesn’t just log in with a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

I can't upload a CV or photo.

Make sure you are uploading it in word or pdf format and the size is no bigger than 5MB.  Click on Choose File, then Upload.  Then you must click Save.  Make sure you refresh your browser once you have done this as sometimes you don’t see the photo on the page.

My partner and I want to apply as a couple. How can the schools tell we are couple?

The system automatically links you by your email addresses. If you enter your partner’s email address in the sign up section, and then answer that your partner is a teacher, the system will automatically link the email address. This means that it will add the position they are applying for to your application. Please ensure that you both enter consistent email addresses in both applications.

Applying for vacancies

Do I have to pay to apply to schools?

You can apply to any vacancy at any Schrole school at no cost by going directly to the school’s website and finding their employment page. Follow the Schrole link on that page and you will be able to apply to any vacancy that is listed.

That process can be a little time consuming if you want to apply to more than one school, or don’t know which schools offer vacancies that suit you. And you need to check back regularly to see any updated positions. The time saving alternative is to get a Schrole Premium account.

A Schrole Premium account is available from the main Schrole website and will assist you to find suitable vacancies across all Schrole schools. Signing up for the Premium Account is simple and quick, and gives you the flexibility to search for vacancies and schools across the world.

So, you don’t need to pay if you are happy to go to each individual school site to apply directly to the school. But if you want to save time and be more efficient and stay up to date, make the decision to get a Schrole Premium account.

We provide a candidate management system to schools and so do not get involved in the selection process.  The school website will tell you how they deal with applications and responses to you.

Why should I become a Premium Candidate?

A Premium account lets you search through all listed vacancies and schools on the Schrole Connect portal. Its a great way to stay updated with all the changes that occur during the recruiting season.  A Premium account is an annual subscription available for $75 AUD (Australian Dollars) per year with the upgrade available from your Schrole Connect dashboard.

If you don’t want to become Premium, you can still apply directly to a vacancy either from the school’s website or from one of our Featured Vacancy links, but you will be unable to search all existing vacancies and schools.

Furthermore, Premium Candidates get access to additional benefits for teachers including discounted travel, coupons and services for teachers working abroad.

I haven't heard back from the school. Can you help me find out what is going on?

We provide a candidate management system to schools and so do not get involved in the selection process.  The school website will tell you how they deal with applications and responses to you.

I have already applied for a position with one school and now I want to apply for another. Do I need to fill in the whole application again?

No, just go to the vacancy page of the school you want to apply for.  Click on the vacancy and click Apply Now.  Then login with your username and password.  You will be taken straight to the school specific questions.  Just answer these, press submit, and the application will be sent directly to the school.  No more references or other information needed.

I have completed my application and now I want to edit my answers to the school's questions. How do I do that?

Just log onto your dashboard here, then click on the schools tab.  This is the second tab from the left.  You will see a green button that says Update Questions.  Click on that and you can update your answers there.


Who should I use as a referee?

If you choose an academic reference please make sure you choose someone in a supervisory role who has seen you teach.  If you choose and administrative referee then they must have seen you in a leadership role.

How can I change my referee's email address?

Just change the email address on your profile.  Your referees will receive a new request.  If the reference is already completed you cannot alter any details and will need to complete a new referee request.

How can I tell if my referees have completed my references?

You will receive an email when your referees have completed their references.  To check on your profile you need to log on to your candidate dashboard. You will see a completed tab next to the name of your referee once it had been done.  If your referee has not completed this, you will get the opportunity to send a reminder a week after your original request.

Will my referees be contacted for every school I apply for?

No, your referees only have to complete one reference for you.

My referees aren't getting the email link.

Sometimes the spam filters used by schools  block our emails.  If your referees are saying they haven’t received an email, it is best to change the email to a personal email address such as gmail or hotmail.  These will go through to your referee.

My referees can't access the link.

Quite often school have security set on the browsers so referees won’t be able to complete an online form.  Please ask them to try it on a home computer and also to try different browsers.

They can also go to the link given to them in the email and insert the token there.  if they still can’t access the link please have them email for assistance.

I want to send my referees a reminder.

You can do that after a week.  Just login to your dashboard, scroll down and click on the green edit profile button, and click on the referee tab.  Next to your referee name you will see a blue button which says send reminder.  Click on that.

I chose 'Academic Reference' when I should have chosen 'Administrative' (or vice versa.)

We will need to delete this reference request, so please email us at with the subject line “I still need help”.

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