International teacher recruitment. Streamlined.

Promote your school cost-effectively to Schrole Connect’s rapidly expanding database of prequalified candidates or expand the reach of your recruitment drive using our advanced digital targeting.
Best of all you’ll only pay one fixed annual fee for an unlimited number of placements.

2017 was a big year for Schrole Connect. 

Page views

Page views

Connect recorded over 3.5 million page views in 2017. This is almost 40% higher than 2016. Importantly our highest volume of visitors came from countries including the US, Qatar, UAE, the UK, China, Thailand and Australia.

Unique visitors

Website visitors

More than 270,000 people visited our website during the course of the year. On average each user spent over 4 minutes on site and viewed more than 5 pages each time they visited.

Database size

Teacher subscriptions

The Connect database now has over 60,000 teachers registered. 21,828 candidates registered in 2017. This registration rate is 17.5% higher than 2016 levels.

Validated teachers

Validated profiles

Critically, almost half of the registered candidates on the Connect system have made it to stage 5 of the Connect validation process. This includes getting detailed feedback from 3 referees.

Product features, in a nutshell. 

Verified and ranked candidates
Secure cloud hosting
Fast and simple to use interface

Schrole Connect’s online application process gathers qualifications and verifies references to pre-qualify applicants so you don’t waste time on unsuitable candidates. Applicants are ranked and collated making shortlisting easy. Schools can even invite active candidates to apply.

What’s more, Schrole Connect uses cutting-edge digital marketing techniques to broaden the reach of your campaign to teachers outside our current database, delivering more of the most qualified candidates.

To find out more or book an obligation free demonstration please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you by email to arrange a demonstration.

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